Betelgez – Ki Omos Kineitai / Dance, Music, Acrobatics

Betelgez - Ki Omos Kineitai / Photography: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

Betelgez, Ki Omos Kineitai Dance Company / Dance, Music, Acrobatics

30, 31 March & 1, 2, 8, 9 April 2014, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

According of the scenario of the contemporary cosmology, 14 billion years ago the big bang οccurred, the space and time was created, the light that we see, what we cannot see and the forces. The light was frozen, its internal motion was limited and the material appeared. And this, because of a minimum of non-uniformity in the distribution of it, was started swirling into a lattice of forces and then the stars were created. And they burned their materials and then scattered them and became and other stars. And they burned their materials and then scattered them and became and other stars and from their leftovers created planets. And they burned their materials….

At the moment of their collapse, the largest of them, created all these rare and precious materials, which are necessary for making ourselves.

We are so precious, so outrageously precious into the meanness of copies.
We are so rare, so outrageously rare into the abundance of possibilities
We are so fragile, so outrageously fragile into the confidence of forecasts.

The star Betelgez is expected to explode as supernova. A second sun will rise in the skies of Earth. The brightness of the explosion will be so strong so it will appear in the sky for approximately 15 days. An explosion that may have already happened and we have not yet understood it, happening now and learn it long after or it will occur after millions of years (very close to our ever).

We are in an awkward presen t of increasing compression, where the boom may not come, but the method of the fabricated future has broken down irretrievably. Except of desperation, the inability to forecast in a chaotic system, gives space to a critical question

Which is the expectation of human life?

Betelgez - Ki Omos Kineitai / Photography: Giorgos VitsaropoulosBetelgez - Ki Omos Kineitai / Photography: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

Through the intensity of dualism, which defines human life by gift to curse, into the silent strangulation of violence, which fits the lyricism of new life, into the sorrow of the end of the dream of abundance and  the greatness of the human construction, into the terror of the end of the human time, there is the serenity of the distant gaze. We die many times during a lifetime, the cells are updated, the body changes its material, the present of the experience gives birth to new selves, to defend unwittingly, the idea of a stable “I”. And we are immortals. From a material that was made in the beginning of time, penetrates the meaning of form and will exist until the end of time, if end exists.

However, we will learn that the explosion took place centuries later, when that light reaches here, conveying the information.

Production Credits:
Coreography, Direction, Set Design: Ki omos kineitai
Sound Design: Andoniou Kleon
Τext Editing: Apostolakis Dimitris
Constructions – Τechnical Support: Lazoulos Dimitris
Lighting Design: Athanasopoulou Maria
Costumes: Manesi Angeliki, Mouzaki Fani
Created with and Performed by: Bentancor Camilo, Karaxanidis Tasos, Linardou Antigoni,
Malkotsis Ermis, Papadopoulos Aris, Paraskeuopoulou Ioanna, Sougioultzi Christina


Betelgez, Ki Omos Kineitai / 2014 © Photographs by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos
More photographs: Betelgez, Work in Progress @ Behance by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

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